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During fire disasters, a lot of damage can done even if you have a sprinkler system installed. This doesn’t mean that sprinklers aren’t effective and that you are better off without them – fire sprinklers save lives and if you don’t have a sprinkler system installed, the damage could be significantly worse. Unfortunately, many people install a sprinkler system and never complete the recommended service or check-up. This can lead to sprinkler systems failing and compromising the safety of you and others.

The smart thing to do is to hire professionals that will properly install, inspect and, if needed, repair your fire sprinkler system. Scottsdale 24 Hour Flood Rescue is fully capable of handling any type of fire sprinkler job, from installation to repairs. We have technicians and workers that are well-trained in this area and their expertise and experience can help ensure the safety of your property.

A fire sprinkler system isn’t easy to install by yourself. Every building is unique and every fire sprinkler system needs to be created accordingly. Our technicians can develop the perfect system layout for your property so you don’t have to worry about any fire damage. Whether you need three sprinklers or thirty, we will work with equal passion and drive.

Besides installation, we can repair and maintain your fire sprinkler system. Keep in mind that every sprinkler system needs regular inspections and maintenance to ensure it is functioning correctly. A sprinkler system contains many individual parts and if even one fails, the entire system may be compromised. We will inspect and test each individual sprinkler head to make sure every one of them works properly. Of course, all work will be conducted in accordance with the fire marshal’s rules to ensure all regulations are complied with. Call us today and we can schedule a visit to your property at your convenience. You don’t get to choose when a disaster strikes – so don’t delay this essential safety checkup.

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