24/7 Call Service

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What to expect from us:

When you contact us you can expect only the best services and the most prompt service. We have ensured this by developing a detailed system which ensures quick turnarounds on all jobs we are contracted to do. We have also trained our employees in customer service principles to ensure that they maintain the dignity and respect of our clients when conducting our services. Below is a list of what you can expect from us:

  • Prompt response – our fast response times put you in the best position to protect your property and the lives of your loved ones or employees. If you find that there is a risk of flooding or fire outbreak, it’s important that you contact your local restoration company as soon as possible. Time is of the essence when dealing with disaster situations and we will ensure that you receive the best and most professional restoration services, unmatched by any other company.
  • Assessment of damage before any restoration works begin – we ensure that we undertake a thorough assessment of any damage caused by the disaster.
  • We will inspect the entire premises to identify the source of your flooding – when we arrive at your premises, we will inspect the entire premises to identify the source of flooding and help you repair it. We want to help you avoid any further disasters in the future.
  • Restoration services – we will take all possible steps to return your property and belongings to their pre-disaster condition.
  • Emergency services – we understand that when a disaster happens it often occurs without warning. For this reason, we are pleased to offer you emergency services. We have full time staff on standby ready to assist you. So whether you call us during the day or at night, we will come and help you as quickly as possible. Our staff are well trained and capable of handling any situation which may occur. We have also equipped them with the latest technology and equipment to ensure that the job is done perfectly and that you are not faced with any major risks when you move back to your premises.
  • Structural inspection – we know that a flood or fire can cause be a major risk to the foundations of your structure; this is why we have experienced structural engineers ready to deploy when you are faced with any disaster. They will inspect the entire building and ensure that the building is safe for occupation, or suggest rectification works if required.
  • Excellent customer services – our employees are trained in customer service and are ready to assist you, so you can always expect a professional attitude when you contact us.