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Fire leaves devastation behind it. There is no ‘small’ damage when it comes to fire disasters, regardless of the fire’s size and origin. And to make matters worse, the biggest problem comes after the firefighters have extinguished the fire, when you are left with burnt walls and furniture, smoked and ash-filled rooms, and water from the firefighters’ efforts to extinguish the fire. Luckily, Scottsdale 24 Hour Flood Rescue is a leading expert in fire and smoke restoration. If you decide to hire us, our workers can immediately start the process to restore your house or office to its pre-fire condition.

Properties that are struck by fire disasters are difficult to restore and, depending on the amount of damage, in some cases restoration may be practically impossible. Some houses burn down to their foundations, but others that are left standing often have significant restoration work required to bring them back to their former condition. Our workers are capable of handling all types of restoration work. We use the latest equipment and technology to remove any soot, smoke odor and ash left over from the fire. Smoke and soot are particularly unhealthy and besides filling the air with an unbearable smell, can lead to serious respiratory problems.

Not only can we remove the immediate effects of a fire, we can fully repair and restore your house to pre-disaster condition. As soon as you contact us, we will deploy our team to your location. We have specialized technicians that will assess the damage and explain to you the actions we recommend taking to properly restore your house. If the house or building has been totally compromised, we will first board it up so no further damage from the elements can be done. Next, we will begin the process of drying your house, because it’s likely that the walls and floors were soaked with water during the extinguishing process.

Smoke and soot are relatively easy to clean up with our state-of-the-art equipment, so you can rest easy. The biggest problems can often begin once we start the repair process. Usually, a lot of previously unseen damage shows up and additional work may be required – but this is nothing our team of experts isn’t capable of handling. We assure you that our workers won’t stop until your house or office is usable again. We are people with homes and businesses and we can fully relate to you and the situation you are in.

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