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When dealing with water-type disasters, time is everything. The sooner you contact us, the faster we can get to you and start the process of restoration. It can be difficult to recover a property from water damage, because water spreads incredibly quickly and gets in every little corner of your property, damaging everything in its path. If a pipe bursts or a flood happens, furniture, wiring, floors, walls and everything else in your house could be at risk.

But don’t worry – we are fully capable of handling these types of situations. Our workers are experts in what they do and they are equipped with the latest and best possible tools to deal with any situation. The restoration process has a scientific basis and shouldn’t be handled by untrained individuals. There are three factors we take into consideration when assessing whether the property is eligible for restoration or if it needs to be replaced.

First, our trained technicians will evaluate the amount of property damage. If the entire whole first floor is flooded and the water has entered the foundations and made the property structurally unstable, it’s very unlikely that we can recommend restoration. Whilst a certain amount of water damage is tolerable, having walls that could collapse any time creates a serious hazard.

Second, our technicians will evaluate the level of contamination. Properties that sit in flood water for longer periods of time are particularly susceptible to bacterial contamination. The source of the flood is very important in determining the level of contamination. If flood water came from a sewage pipe bursting, then there is a strong chance that the entire building could be contaminated by various bacteria and chemicals.

Finally, our team will evaluate whether it is cost-effective to restore your property. There are instances where everything in the building can be restored, but the cost and effort required to bring the building back to its original condition surpasses the cost of replacing the whole property. This can be a difficult decision for all involved, but in some cases, replacing the building will be the better option.

One thing is for certain – if you decide to engage our services, our team will do their best to restore every single damaged part of your property. We are honest and hardworking, and we know how much meaning and memory is behind every part of your house. So if you happen to be struck by such an unfortunate event, call us and let us take some of the burden from you by helping you to restore your home or business. We guarantee you will be pleased after we finish the job.

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